sábado, 6 de marzo de 2010


Este sábado lluvioso os traemos el vídeo del tema "Endiscopises" de Yoriyos, dirigido por Ron Winter. Si deseas escuchar más temas del hijo de Cat Steven sigue este enlace.


I made my own way - a long long time ago
Packed a book and pen - to draw up my own road
It started with a line - and to the distance I went
But I never thought I'd ever end up where I have

Many souls I've met - and many a one have told
Thet the journey of life - will lead you to unfold
The secrets of existence - the reason for living
But I still haven't found the happiness I'm missing

It's so easy to talk about - but much harder to find
Wisdom doesn't come with age - it comes with an open mind
Now I've been searching hard - I've travelled many miles
But The Truth isn't something you grow up believing
It's something you have to find

I've been alone for so long - and a long long time ago
I left in search of Peace and Truth - I left to find a home
I still have faith and I hope - one day I will see
When I have found myself - that you'll come and find me.